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  The Executive Journey Fellowship
Forty-one Hoosiers traveled to Kenya December 26, 2007 – January 11, 2008 for a trip and an adventure of life time.  Arriving on the day of the national presidential elections, we witnessed what happens in a young democratic country when there is corruption and betrayal by the national leaders.  Although plans had to be changed, wonderful opportunities developed for us all to experience cultures, the people and children and to connect our hearts to this country in ways that will never change.

Our highlights from the trip include:
Spending a week with the Massai people, working in the school, learning their customs, hearing their stories, leading a community meeting of the leaders and watching the growth and development of the Hoosiers
Visiting the orphanages, helping with the children with AIDS, hearing their stories and bringing activities and games for them to play, working with the community leaders to provide continued support to these orphanages.
Visiting the slums of Nairobi including a school that is a haven for young children everyday.  A place where they are safe, have people who care about them and help them learn, sing songs and grow in ways that would not be possible without the school.
Providing the support for the classroom in Bungoma; desks, teacher’s book, sewing machines and fabric in Massai; hygiene and good supplies for the school in Nairobi; clothing, school and medical supplies and children books for the orphanages in Nairobi and Nakuru.
Friendships developed in Kenya that will last a lifetime.


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