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“ Every youth worker should have the opportunity to learn about youth work in other places.  It helps bring our work into perspective and provides opportunities to exchange ideas and understand the similarities and differences we face as global youth workers.”- ”

- Naomi Milstein
Executive Journey Fellow, Early Career Youth Worker

  IYWE 2005 United Kingdom
  In April, 2005, a delegation of 30 Indiana youth workers traveled from the United States to the United Kingdom as part of the first International Youth Worker Exchange. The Journey coordinated the trip for seven prospective youth workers and twenty-three experienced youth workers from the state of Indiana.   Fellows who traveled to the U.K. represented youth development organizations, mentoring programs, youth philanthropy, faith-based initiatives, national health, sports and citizenship programs, juvenile justice programming, specialized education programs, and outreaches as well as programs developed for disabled youth and at-risk teens and were matched with similar youth workers in the U.K.

Delegates participated in a three-day home stay with a youth worker in the UK and attended the Community Youth Workers Union National Conference. Each person was able to experience youth and community work, observe the function of youth workers in their communities, and learn about pressing issues to the youth and community workers at the conference.

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